Ron Aye - Creative

Can anything a creative says about their passion be truly understood, or felt?  Can anyone tap into their essence in a just few paragraphs?  It's probably best to let the art speak for itself.  Yes?  Yet, you need context.  This is probably the most useful tool in finding truth.  


Foremost, my style has been tempered by life growing up in Detroit, MI USA.  Not privileged in my youth, I didn't experience art in museums or fairs, but in the streets.  Automobiles were style, crowds were fashion statements.  The nature of common man was to work (see Diego Rivera's Detroit Industry mural at Detroit Institute of Arts Diego Court). 


So we work.  We work though our spirit wants to create.  We work to secure a spouse.  We work to care for and protect our family.  We work until no one wants us anymore, then we choose to want ourselves.  



















Quietly, over the years, my spirit took notes.  It remembered the hidden beauty in life.  I aspire to revive that spirit and awaken it to creativity.  Some of my work will seem aimless, and some actually good.  It is for you to decide if it awakens something in you.  

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